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Reduce Costs of Owning a Truck

If you are responsible for a fleet of trucks, whether that is for the construction or agriculture industry, you may be looking for ways to reduce your operating costs.

Thankfully, you will be pleased to know that there are ways to further reduce the outgoing costs associated with the lifetime ownership of a truck.

Consider a low-emissions truck

One of the main things to consider, especially if you are introducing new trucks into your fleet, is how low the emitted emissions are. Whilst this might seem like a second thought when considering a new truck, it can actually bring immediate cost savings into your operations.

If your drivers will be making regular journeys into Low Emission Zones (LEZ) such as Central London, you will know that emission charges can soon rack up.

By introducing a new low-emissions truck into your fleet, a brand-new truck can quickly become more cost effective overall than purchasing an older model that might have a lower upfront cost.


Isuzu’s Euro 6 compliant trucks can save fleet managers up to £100 per day (per vehicle) on emission charges, which soon adds up across the month or even year.

The average daily charge for a truck over 3.5 tonne travelling in a Low Emissions Zone is around £64.20 per day so the savings you can make here can soon add up, especially if you have a fleet of trucks travelling in Low Emission Zones.

If you have 3 non-Euro 6 compliant trucks heading into London’s low emission zone daily, over the course of a year, the charges will amount to just over £70,000. This means significant savings can be had, just by upgrading to a Euro 6 compliant truck such as the Isuzu Grafter.

Some low emission zone charges run from midnight to midnight, meaning if your fleet is travelling in Low Emission Zones overnight, you can be charged twice for the same journey.

Low Emission Zones are being introduced across the UK, with some already confirmed or proposed and some that are in consideration. Some of the confirmed/proposed Low Emissions Zones include:

  • Aberdeen
  • Bath
  • Birmingham
  • Bradford
  • Bristol
  • Dundee
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Leeds
  • London
  • Manchester
  • Newcastle
  • Portsmouth
  • Sheffield
  • York

This might often be deemed a necessary cost to businesses, but knowing that there is a way to reduce these costs, means you can make an informed decision when you come to purchase a brand new truck.

What trucks are low emission?

There are a range of Isuzu Trucks that are low emissions, including the N35 3.5 tonne, N55/N65 5.5 or 6.5 tonne, N75 7.5 tonne and the F110/F135 11 or 13.5 tonne.

Isuzu N35

The Isuzu N35 3.5 tonne truck is designed to be a rugged and reliable workhorse across construction and landscaping applications.

Suitable for: Building, Construction, Landscape Gardening, Recovery, Haulage

Isuzu N55/N65

Both the Isuzu N55 and N65, 5.5 and 6.5 tonne heavy duty trucks are ideal for those who need additional payload, particularly towing applications.

Suitable for: Haulage

Isuzu N75

The Isuzu N75 7.5 tonne truck has outstanding payload capacity, making it the ideal option for plant hire or distribution applications.

Suitable for: Building, Construction, Landscape Gardening, Recovery, Haulage

Isuzu F110/F135

If you are looking for a big truck with a small footprint, the Isuzu F110 and F135 11 and 13 tonne trucks that fit seamlessly into scaffolding and refrigeration applications.

Suitable for: Building, Construction, Recovery, Delivery

Drive more economically

Another way to reduce costs associated with owning a truck is to drive more economically. It’s important to treat your leet of trucks well to avoid any unwanted issues occurring from driving to rigorously.

Drive slower

Driving slower, even by a few MPH, can prevent fuel wastage that is associated with increasing and decreasing speed during a journey. Although your drivers will have time schedules to keep to, it’s important to factor in a reasonable speed, so the truck isn’t burning through fuel.

Find your route

Having a route properly planned out, meaning you won’t be using additional fuel trying to navigate to your location if you go of course.

Having an up-to-date satellite navigation system suitable for trucks can be beneficial.

Switch off the engine

Sat idling is not only be bad for the environment, but it can be costly. If your drivers are loading and unloading, it’s important to switch off the engine when the truck is not in use, to preserve fuel.

Check tyre pressure

Tyre pressure can have a direct affect on fuel consumption. When the pressure falls below the recommended figures, rolling resistance increases and more fuel is used.

Whilst these factors might only save a few hundred pounds a month, if you have a fleet of trucks, the cost savings can add up significantly over the lifetime of the trucks.

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