3.5 Tonne Grafter

Isuzu's 3.5t 'GRAFTER' models - Euro 5b+ or Euro VI

If a bodied commercial vehicle has an unladen weight that exceeds 2610kgs it must comply with the new Euro VI emission standards. Some commercial vehicles can be bodied and have an unladen weight lower than 2610kgs. In this case the vehicle only needs to comply with Europe's latest Euro 5b+ emission standards. Isuzu offers its customers a choice of technologies for its 'GRAFTER' range. To achieve Euro VI emission standards Isuzu has utilised EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) along with SCR (selective catalytic reaction using AdBlue), a DPD (diesel particulate diffuser) and OBD (on-board diagnostics) technology on its 3.0 litre, 150 PS engine option.

To achieve the Euro 5b+ emissions requirements Isuzu has achieved this with just EGR and a DPD - still on its 3.0 litre engine but with a slightly reduced power rating of 120 PS. ITUK recommends the Euro 5b+ 120 PS engine option for operations that don't involve too much heavy towing. However, ALL Isuzu 3.5t 'GRAFTERS' can legally tow a trailer and load weighing up to a further 3500kgs* – in other words a designed gross train weight of 7000kgs. If your operation frequently requires towing plant or equipment at or near the 7000kgs designed GTW limit, ITUK recommends the 150 PS engine is the one for you.

The Isuzu 3.5t 'GRAFTERS' have built up a loyal following of customers because they're tough, rugged and reliable workhorses. As a tipper or a dropside, Isuzu's 'GRAFTERS' are a very popular choice amongst the construction and landscaping trades. However, the versatility of the chassis also means that other bespoke bodies such as boxes, curtainsiders, fridges and many other options can be specified. Finally, the Euro VI model offers a choice of 2 cabs at this weight - Isuzu's 3-man compact narrow cab or a more spacious 3-man wide cab. All Isuzu 3.5t Euro 5b+ models have a manual gearbox whereas the Euro VI models have the option of Isuzu's Easyshift or manual transmissions.

*subject to possible tachograph, driver and Operator's licence requirements/restrictions